Fondazione GSP

The foundation of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, based in Fribourg (Switzerland) was founded in 2000 with the purpose to support the Swiss Guards financially, materially and socially. Specifically, this includes the following priorities:

- Recruitment of new Guardsmen
- Education and training (Swiss federal professional security and protection certification - VSSU)
- Improvement of infrastructure facilities in the barracks
- PR assistance
– Reintegration of Guardsmen into the labor market.

To help achieve these goals, a foundation board was comprised of personalities from church, science, politics, economy and military.  Former Swiss Federal Councilor Pascal Couchepin serves as chairman oft he foundation. The head of the Swiss Bishops' Conference and the Commander oft he Swiss Guards are ex officio members of the Board of Trustees as well. The Foundation works closely with the command of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. The task of the Foundation Board is to review and approve the individual grant applications. In order to obtain the necessary financial resources, the Foundation conducts various fundraising events.

The Foundation supports the Pontifical Swiss Guard with an annual contribution of around CHF 150 '000. Additional donations are assigned to donor-specified projects.