Why is there a foundation for the Guard?

It’s simple. Shortly before the 500th anniversary of the Swiss Guard, in the year 2000 this Foundation has been established with the purpose to help the young guards, to support their recruitment in Switzerland and facilitate their return home after their service. For this reason, we help promote their continuing education in Rome. We ensure that the Swiss social services cover continue to covert he guardsmen in spite of their distance from Switzerland (social security, family allowances, child benefits etc.). We also promote the good image of the guard. We support the Italian lessons for guards. There is also a program for the renewal of the equipment, during the last years; the focus is particularly on the famous suits of armor.

What is the Foundation’s annual budget?

Each year, we have to raise 200,000 CHF, for the regular budget. In recent years we have achieved this goal only with difficulty. Therefore, the Board has reviewed the approach. We hope to reach a better result in the future. All gifts, even the smallest, are welcome. Also, because our costs are reduced to almost zero. Of course, we work for free. I am very grateful to our members for their effectiveness and generosity.

The Swiss media report on waste in the Vatican Administration. What do you think?

We have absolutely nothing to do with the administration at the Vatican. The Foundation is subject to Swiss law, under protection of the Swiss authorities and will be reviewed by a Swiss trust company. As far as the Vatican administration is concerned, it is my personal opinion that they like any other older institution is in need of renovation. I consider it a positive development that the issue is being debated. It proves that the problem is understood and that the responsible personalities are ready to act. However, what is clear is that the Swiss Guard needs, in any case, the material, social and moral support of our endowment.

On May 6, the swearing-in of the new guards takes place in Rome. Will you be there?

Of course. Just as I did last year. It is a profound event. I was positively surprised by the size oft he crowd and public interest. The Swiss visitors go back pleased and proud of 'their' guards, and come home with memories that expand their view of the world. And Rome is simply wonderful in the spring! The Commander masterfully prepares the ceremony. Every year a different one oft he 24 Swiss cantons is the guest of honor. Last year it was Freiburg, Lucerne this year. There is also a wonderful encounter between Swiss Confederates and a nice opportunity for an exchange between different generations of Guardsmen.

Members of the Foundation Board


I support the Swiss Guard...

…because their long history impressed me and I want to help that the Corps continue to develop in modern times with solidarity and assistance of benefactors.

Sig. Michael Plüss, Vice-President, Foundation board since 2012


I support the Swiss Guard...

... because I can identify with the Swiss Guard motto „acriter et fideliter,“ and because I perceive this service tot he Holy Father and the image that the Swiss Guard create for our country a great honor.

Dr. Imad M-M Hatem, Founder member


I support the Swiss Guard...

...because it's, for young swiss guards and Switzerland as well, an important connection between our values, the traditions within the Guard and modern life.

Dr. Daniel Vasella, Founder member


I support the Swiss Guard...

... because I think it’s important that the guards culturally and professionally excel during their tour of duty. It’s my goal to make their reintegration into the Swiss labor market easier.

Prof. Philippe Jaeger, Founder member


I support the Swiss Guard...

...because for every young guard as well as for our country as a whole, the Swiss Guard represents an important connection between our values, tradition and contemporary life.

Dr. Konrad Hummler, Foundation board since 2010



I support the Swiss Guard...

...because it honors the commitment and the Tradition of Service of Switzerland.

Dr. Thierry Fauchier-Magnan, Foundation board since 2012



I support the Swiss Guard...

... because I feel that the Pope is in good Hands with the Swiss Guards, and because these young soldiers and their officers deserve our recognition fort he selfless service they perform. That’s why I actively participate on the Foundation Board in helping the organization find benevolent donors and supporters.

Dr. Urs Schwaller, Foundation board since 2016


I support the Swwiss Guard...

…because I want to help our young compatriots who are engaging themselves - at the risk of their own live and with a big sacrifice – for a noble cause that is giving honor to our country.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Roth, Foundation board since 2016



Bishop Charles Morerod

Represents the Swiss Conference of Catholic Bishops