The Commander

Il commandante

The Commander is in charge of the overall management of the Guard. In particular, he is responsible for the recruitment as well as the compliance of the guard regulations and the orders of his superiors. Furthermore, he is liable for the positive development of the Corps and the maintenance of its discipline.

Colonel Christoph Graf was born on 5th September 1961. His place of origin is Pfaffnau in the canton of Lucerne. He joined the Guard in 1987, is married and father of two children. As Lieutenant Colonel and Vice Commander he was the first adviser to the commander and liaison officer externally, responsible for controlling and had the function of chief of staff. In the past he had been a successful instructor and sergeant major inside the Guard.

On 7th February 2015, he was appointed 35th Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard by Pope Francis.


The Lieutenant Colonel

Il Vicecomandante

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