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The Foundation for the Renovation of the Barracks of the Papal Swiss Guard in the Vatican was established in Solothurn in 2016, under the patronage of the Foundation of the Guard with the sole purpose of bringing about a modernization of the equipment and a refurbishment of the barracks of the Guard.

This is under the control of the Canton of Solothurn and of the Swiss Confederation, and has recognized public interest. Once its objective has been reached, the Foundation will be dissolved and any remaining proceeds will be transferred to the Foundation of the Papal Swiss Guard.


Board of Trustees

Jean Pierre Roth, President

Stephan Kuhn, vice President

Peter Blome

Pascal Couchepin

Thierry Fauchier-Magnan

Markus Graf

Bernhard Hammer, Project Manager of the Reconstruction of the Barracks

Christian Rey, Project Manager implementation operations center

Col Christoph Graf, ex officio

Louis Fauchier-Magnan, Secretary of the board of Trustees


Implementation of the operations' room

The Foundation has sustained the Vatican Authorities in implementing an operations’ room allowing the Guard to manage the flow of information within in a centralized manner. Its contribution has been formalized with technical assistance and financial aid. The operations’ room has been in function since 01.01.2017.

Renovation Barracks

The project involves three buildings of the current barracks. Two of these house the halberdiers troop and the canteen, while the third building houses the officers and their families and administration offices. These buildings date back to the 19th century and have only undergone minimal refurbishment. They are outdated, poorly insulated, and subsequently have high maintenance costs.

The project for the renovation of the barracks is complex due to the particular historical aspect of the area where the buildings are situated and the geological and architectural difficulties of the area. Of importance to note, the work will take place without interfering with the mission for which the Swiss Guard is called upon, to guarantee at all times the security of the Holy Father.

The renovation of the buildings of the barracks of the Guard will be carried out by mandate of the Vatican Authorities. The Foundation will provide technical assistance and financial aid. In June 2017 the Foundation commissioned the architect studio Durisch and Nolli from Tecinoand the engineering studio Schnetzer Puskas to draw up a preliminary project.


The basic budget for the renovation will be covered by the Vatican. The Foundation will assist with contributions in kind and payments through fund-raising in Switzerland and abroad.

Donations can be addressed to:

Fondation pour la Rénovation de la Caserne de la Garde Suisse Pontificale au Vatican

Mirabaud et Cie, SA

29, bvd Georges-Favon

1204 Genève

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Foundation Adress

Rötistrasse 22

4500 Soleure

E-mail: stiftung@gsp.va